Lucas is 2!!

Lucas turns two! What a journey it has been, and we are only just began…

We were in two minds whether to celebrate his birthday with our family as Xavier had HFMD (again? yeah I know. It’s like an annual thingy for Xavier) the week before. Thankfully he recovered in time and Lucas didn’t show symptoms of it. We celebrated his birthday with our families 2 days earlier on a Saturday.

That morning, Xavier made a birthday cake for Lucas out of Duplo blocks, complete with zoo animals and the zookeeper on it. That was really sweet of him.

He loves Lucas, most of the time.

Afternoon was the celebration with my parents and my in-laws. Plenty of food of course.

Lucas has always been a mummy’s boy since birth, sticking to Lilian like a koala bear.

Time to bring out the real birthday cake. Nothing fancy, just a simple cake from Bengawan Solo. But any birthday cakes will excite the kids.

Let’s clap and sing the birthday song. Drama by Xavier over blowing of candles.

Family shots.

We had a small cake and birthday song singing on Lucas actual day.

Happy Birthday Lucas! Hope you let us brush your teeth without making it a wrestling match every day.

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