Lucas is One Month Old!

Lucas just turned one month old and we would like to thank all relatives and friend for attending the full month celebration and for their wonderful gifts and hongbaos.

Both Lilian and I have never seen so many hongbaos before.There were also a few very thoughtful gifts, like the “cake” from Rick and Zhen Zhen.They ordered from Baby’s 1st Cake and it’s baby gifts packed into the shape of a 2-tier cake.

Xavier was very quick to “chope” the big blue truck on the top of the cake and readily announced it’s his and the smaller purple car below is for di-di.

We had three sessions this time, as we didn’t want to accommodate too many people each session in our tiny house. This also allows us to interact better with our guest. Lilian ordered from three different caterers. Kim’s Kitchen failed as their Mango Sago dessert went bad barely after we started the buffet. YSL Catering was not bad, guests liked their “Braised Pork w/ Bun”. We find Angeli Catering (bottom left in the photo) tasted the best among the three. Mum also made her own glutinous rice and it was covered with mushrooms.

For friends and colleagues whom we were not able to invite, we ordered cakes and cookies for them instead. The cakes were from Pine Garden’s Cake, the cake shop we got Xavier’s 1st year birthday cake from. Lilian liked the message “Of all life’s miracles, the biggest ones come in the smallest packages”. The cookies were from Happy Bakes.

Lucas is growing well, hitting a weight of 5kg and a length of 52cm now. Looks like he become a sumo baby too, just like Xavier.

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