Lucas Promotion to Toddler Class

Today is a big day for Lucas as he is promoted from infant care to toddler class.

The school had been transiting him for the past two weeks, bringing him to his new class to mingle with his future teachers and classmates during the afternoon snack and to take part in some of the class activities.

We are more relax this time, tasking Xavier to play his big brother role and help Lucas ease into his new environment.

Both boys were all cheerful in that morning. Guess Lucas is still unsure what’s gonna happen later.

Xavier is happy to show his little brother where to wash his hands in the morning. Then the little boy realise today is different, very different. Turned on his “koala bear” mode and glued himself to Lilian.

Then the time comes for us to leave for work. The teacher has to “peel” crying Lucas off Lilian. Welcome to the Toddler class Lucas.

Well at least the consolation is he didn’t cry for long after we left and blend in with his class well. He does try to run off to see his brother in the other class but that should ease after he gets use to the new surrounding.

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