Lucas Starts At The Infant Care Centre Today

3 1/2 months fly by and it’s time for Lucas to go to the infant care centre. I didn’t believe its so soon that when Teacher Mala commented on last Friday that she would be seeing Lucas coming Monday, I told her “Not so soon, think it’s the following week”. Blur sotong…

I remember Xavier’s first day at the Infant Care was a lot more drama. Lilian and I both had separation anxiety and were wondering to ourselves if it was the right decision. Xavier on the other hand was all cool and relax, looking around curiously as they placed him on the rocker.

Lucas’s first day was the other side of the coin. Lilian and I were all cool and relax as we had gone through it before, but Lucas was restless, very restless. He wouldn’t finish his milk in one sitting, constantly needed attention and the teachers had a hard time putting him to sleep. Actually these were his usual behavior and probably not due to change to environment. I hope the teachers can train some routine into Lucas’s life.

2 thoughts on “Lucas Starts At The Infant Care Centre Today”

  1. Hi, may I know how long before Lucas started infant care did u apply? My boy was born in sept-2011 and most learning vision have no vacancy till sept-2012. 🙁

  2. Hi chocyGurlz, think we told the center when Lucas was 4-5 months in mummy's tummy. As his brother Xavier is already in the center, its earlier for us to let them know his brother is also joining LV.

    Are you looking at only LV or infant care centers in Raffles area? There are a number of infant care centers in town area. Let me know what you are looking for and maybe I can point out the centers to you.

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