Mafia Wars – Useful tips from other sites

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While I did mention in the earlier post that I might do a post on the gaming mechanics of Mafia Wars, I have decided not to do it as 1) there are a number of good sites with great information already online, 2) I just started on the game recently so I might not have the experience of say someone who played it since the launch, 3) Xavier is getting sticky like a Koala bear to the gum tree (and I’m the gum tree btw). Its very hard to type with one hand while supporting his over 10.2kg weight with the other hand.

So what I would do instead is provide links to a few good information sites on Mafia Wars so that those who are interested in the game or are already playing the game and want to pick up some tips are have a look at these sites.

Mafia Wars Secrets – This site provided me with the basic information of how the game works and how to be getting at it. Have been waiting for updates but haven’t seen any since I first found it. Still a good read though.

Mafia Wars Maniac – Found this site yesterday while looking for answer whether to choose Vory or Mafiya in Moscow. Pretty informative blog.

Please post in comments if you know of other great and informative sites on Mafia Wars and I will update the list. Thanks.

Warning: This game can be very addictive. I recently had a friend posted on his facebook status saying “A Mafia Wars addict….what am I doing? Play Mafia Wars instead of celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary….logging off now!”

Disclaimer: I am not related to any of the sites or responsible of the content on these sites.

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