Major Drama yesterday, Drama today

Yesterday morning was one of the more dramatic morning I had in a long time. We were at the Koufu food court at Market Street car pack having our breakfast when Xavier started making the “Mm Mm” sound like he was passing motion.

I was jokingly asking him “Xavier 大便啊?”, he just looked at me and smile. I checked his diaper from the top of his butt and it looked clean (didn’t pass motion). So I played with him while Lilian disappears somewhere (she didn’t want me to say in blog where she went).

Anyway moments later I detected a foul smell. Since I just checked him not long ago it was clean and thinking he just had a smelly fart (he has been hacing lots of smelly farts recently) , I carried him up from his pram. To my horror, his mega size poo has overwhelmed his diaper and covered the back of his right leg. I quickly lift him up and lay the underproof pad over his pram to prevent is from dirtying the pram. But he refused to sit down after I carried him.

Now, imagine myself wearing long sleeve rolled up and work pants, carrying Xavier under his arm-pit with his poo staining the right side of his long pants, in the middle of an air-conditioned food court. And Xavier was yelling and kicking at the same time. So Drama. And I was in that position for a good 5 mins before Lilian appears again. Those 5 minutes felt like eternity.

With Lilian back, the next challenge was changing his super soiled pants and diaper using the pram, with Xavier kicking, yelling and trying to turn onto his tummy while on the pram. We almost went MAD, both of us. Somehow after another 5 minutes we manage to successfully change his diaper. And it was left to me to wash his super soiled pants before putting in a plastic bag to bring back to wash. What a morning.

And today, it was mini déjà vu. Xavier made the same sound again and Lilian disappeared yet again. This time I carried him early to check if he poo and if it leaked. But as he was wearing a suit outfit, it was hard to check if he poo unless I strip his lower half. So I just checked if any leaked. As there were none, I then carried him with his bum sitting on my arm.

The fact is he did poo and I think it was due to this action that the poo got squeezed out of his diaper onto his suit and my sleeve. Although it was more manageable today, I am now very weary whenever he makes that “Mm Mm” sound now.

2 thoughts on “Major Drama yesterday, Drama today”

  1. haha i think its time i drop a comment! hee.. i really understand everything u wrote here. so so familiar to me too except that my girl will keep v v still when she is doin these explosive biggg business… n yup it also leaked to the back n down our arms n couldnt be detected when u open the front to check! so familiar!!

    n thank God it only happened at home so far… i can jus imagine how frustrating it is when it happened in PUBLIC!

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