Mang Kiko’s Lechon

Most of the stalls in Lau Pa Sat serve average tasting food at pricey food court price (in my opinion) but there are a few rare gems there that serve great tasting food. Mang Kiko’s Lechon is one of the rare gems.

This stall serves mouth-watering Filipino Roast Pork and Chicken. The big roast station on the left of the stall rotates rows and rows of pork and chicken over the white hot charcoal. The sight of the oil oozing out, coating the meat itself and eventually dripping into the charcoal and smoking the meat a heavenly sight for meat lover like me. My stomach is making noise now as I write this post.

I have tried the both chicken and pork before. The chicken portions are generous. The chunks of tender white chicken meat and that oh so tasteful chicken skin is a must have for chicken lovers and for those who are more health concious. I remember when I was trying to increase my protein intake, I just to order 1/2 chicken no rice.Yummy. 

The roast pork however is where the money is. Generous portions of tender roast pork with charred skin is an irresistible sight. Sink in your teeth and the grease, the charred skin, the BBQ aroma filled your mouth all at once. It’s so good it always makes me sit back and chew slowly to salvage every bite.

There are a number of sauces to go along with your choice of meat and my favourite is the brownish-greenish one. It adds a sweet touch to the meat. They recently added chilli sauce too (probably by popular demand to go with the chicken). It also comes with free soup if you dine there.
Lau Pa Sat, Stall #27 (near Wendy’s)

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