Marina Barrage

The weather has been crazy lately. It could be so sunny one minute and pouring the next. Last Sunday the weather was pretty good for outdoor and we decided to check out Marina Barrage, as both of us haven’t been there before.

Its a pretty big place with many water features and a big area where many people were flying kites, having picnics or just chilling out. Upon entering the place, an elderly woman asked if we wanted a short introduction of the area and the amenities available. She was a volunteer tour guide. She told us that Marina Barrage is currently Singapore largest reservoir which was new to me. I thought it was still MacRitchie Reservoir. Below is a picture of the Pump House.

Xavier was already eyeing the children play pool where many other kids are playing. As we were not prepared, we only let him play with the water from the side. Nonetheless he had heaps of fun. We literally had to drag him away from the area…

We took a walk around the “spiral” grass area up the top of the Barrage and looking up, the whole sky is littered with kites. Looking ahead, you could see the Singapore skyline and the soon-to-be-completed Sands IR just was the sun was setting.

And our day ended with a surprise visit by MM Lee.

More photos available at my Flickr.

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