McDonald’s Monopoly Singapore 2011

If you been to McDonald’s recently, you might have observed the crew donning red tee with a black bowtie printed on it. Yes  the McDonald’s Monopoly Singapore 2011 is back for the third year and it’s on now till 2nd November 2011, or when all game labels are gone.

This time round there are three ways to win the prizes. Instant Win are those tabs which gives instant prizes. Collect To Win are tabs where you have to collect all same colour tabs to win the prize. The most interesting would be the Chance Card where you get $100 cash and a chance to win all unclaimed prizes (from Collect to Win) in a lucky draw.

You can visit the official visit for more information and have a read on the FAQ.

Some tips that might not be obvious:
1) A meal give you 1 label. Upsize the meal and you get 2 labels. Do that on a weekend and you get 4 labels.

2) McValue Lunch meals also entitle you to labels. So a McChicken or a Chicken McNuggets meal upsized on a weekend between 12-3pm would give you the most value per label.

3) Each Collect to Win colour area has a “rare” tab. I have identify them in the collarge below.

 If you get these rare tabs, you would probably be winning that prize of the colour bar, since the other tabs for the colour bar are usually very common.

Happy hunting…

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