Melt, The World Cafe nearly melt my hand

Lilian was in a good of giving and decided to give Xavier and myself a treat. Had initially booked Morton’s but she decided to change the venue last minute so she could have more variety of food “rather than just Salmon”.

I did bring my camera along but trying to eat buffet (taking turns to take food while one of us watch over Xavier) while taking care of Xavier means I have to make a choice between having a good buffet or taking photos for blog while not really enjoying the buffet. I decided to just enjoy my buffet. So gonna blog without photos…

Let start with the good stuff first. Service is top notch (but that’s expected of a restaurant in a 5-star hotel). Seafood is fresh and good, with fast replenishment of the Boston lobsters, mussels, scallops, prawns and oysters. Dessert section was lovely, with cripsy waffles made on the spot, chocolate fondue fountain with variety of fruit cubes on stick (starfruit and pineapple were the first for me) and the wide range of cakes and shot glass creations, not forgetting the generous Ice-Kacang station.

What I didn’t like was the was the food were presented at the “hot food” section. Understand the intention was to keep the food warm, hence it was placed on two stretch of hobs. However, the heat from the hobs made getting the food a very uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. In fact, I felt it was trying to “melt” my hand whenever I try to get the food. And the food servers and tongs were also hot to touch.

I was so turn off by the experience that I concentrate on the cold dishes like the seafood and the Japanese section (sushi and sashimi) and started on desserts prematurely. Would we go back to Melt again? Lilian says yes for the seafood and the dessert. I would say no, unless its another treat again.

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