Milca Hokkaido Soft Ice Cream

My neighbour Alan was asking me for information about Japan as he would be going there with his wife soon. Ever since the day he asked, I can’t help but think about going Japan again. There are just so many things I missed about Japan, especially the food, the kawaii girls, the gadgets, the customer service, erm I better stop (as I could go on forever).

One of the things I miss was the Milk Ice Cream I tasted when I was in Hokkaido. You see, Hokkaido is famous for its seafood and dairy products and Hokkaido milk is as fresh as it gets. And it is only in Hokkaido that you get to taste Milk Ice Cream. (The other unique flavour is Lavender Ice Cream.) And I could not find it elsewhere in other parts of Japan.

So I was very excited when I saw one of the stalls in Orchard Ion’s Food Hall (at basement 4). So did Milca Milk Ice Cream taste? My first bite had me thinking I was eating the soft serve from MacDonald. But as the Ice Cream slowly melts, the milk flavour began to surface. And the more I ate, the the closer it edge towards the unforgettable taste I had in Hokkaido. The cone is yummy too, thin and very crispy, complementing the ice cream very well.

My verdict, this is as close as you can get besides flying to Hokkaido for the milk ice cream. Its still not the same, but defintely close enough.

2 Orchard Turn
Orchard Ion, Food Hall (basement 4)

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