Nasi Lemak @ Amoy Street Food Centre’s ad says “if it isn’t from Chong Pang it won’t do!”. Well, I have not tried the Chong Pang Nasi Lemak yet. So where do I get my Nasi Lemak fix from? The friendly stall at Amoy Street Food Centre.

I call the Nasi Lemak stall here my “happy food” stall and this is where I usually have my lunch every last workday of the week. The thought of walking from ORQ (One Raffles Quay) to Amoy Street in the blazing hot weather right about noon will put off many people, but for this Nasi Lemak, I’ll DO IT!

So what makes this Nasi Lemak so special? The crispy skin of the chicken wing together with the juicy tender chicken meat underneath the skin is your answer. The fragrance from the coconut milk coated rice is very addictive, so much so that I always find myself finishing every bit of it.

The Ikan Bilis with peanut is also a must have. In fact, the little containers of the Ikan Bilis and peanut which can be bought seperately are hot sellers. They are just so crunchy and tasty. The chilli complements the rest of the Nasi Lemak items well.

The light yellow item you see on my plate is the fried sliced fish. You could also choose the other ingredients like luncheon meat, fish cake, otah, ngoh hiang, fish and white cabbage. Chicken drumstick are usually limited quantity.

While the Nasi Lemak is great, the weekday lunchtime queue is crazy. So crazy that if I forsee I would reach the stall after 11.30am, I would rather not queue for it. Below you can see the queue for the stall at 11.45am on a Friday afternoon. Taken on my hp camera, the queue actually stretch beyond the photo on the left, almost towards to stairs.

When you have a very long queue, there can be two reason. One, the food you are buying need long preparation time or the staff is slow. Two, the food is really good and many people are queueing for it. Its the case of the second reason for this stall. And do not be surprise if the people standing in front of you orders 10 or 20 packets (I have encountered so many times). Saturday would be a better time if you want to try out the stall.

7 Maxwell Road
#02-81, Amoy Street Food Centre

Singapore 069111

Tel: 6224 0839

Opens Mon – Sat Lunch.
Queue starts from 11.30am on weekdays

3 thoughts on “Nasi Lemak @ Amoy Street Food Centre”

  1. Chongpang nasi lemak is over-rated, tried it once, so so only loh…. But they have the special Hei Bi Hiam that is a must try. Not a fan but still ate it :/

  2. Ya…we queue sooo long for the nasi lemak last week at Amoy! How's the Lor Mee there? Q long long as well I saw.


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