Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

I bought a t-shirt with the above graphics from Bangkok many years ago but it still puts a smile on my face whenever I wear it. Guess it sums up what a Geek I am.

I haven’t been playing much games on my PS3 ever since I decided to use the time to shred some weight. I am on my mandatory leave these two weeks and decided to gathering some friends over for a PS3 night after some super value, yummy and sinful dinner at Tung Lok Signature (we used the voucher from the Nike 10k Run race pack and the total bill come out to only SGD83.55 for four adults and 1 troddler).

As I do not have much games on hand, I thought it would be nice to have a new racing game so we can have some high speed fun. There are two highly anticipated racing games out this November; Gran Turismo 5 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Gran Turismo 5 is only launched in Singapore on 24th November 2010 so this game is out. To say that the whole PS3 community is waiting for this game is an understatement. I heard of XBox fans vowing to abandon their XBox and buy PS3 and the Logitech G27 steeling wheel just for this game. This is the closest gaming experience ever to real driving experience. With over 1,000 cars to choose from, it would probably take you close to three years to try out all the cars if you play a different and unique car every day (simplified thinking). I will want to buy this game at a later stage, probably on secondary market when some rich kid gets sick of the game and wants to sell it off.

So that leaves me with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. I bought this brand new as it just launched 4 days ago and nobody is selling their copies yet. Turned out this game is heaps of fun. You can rise in rank playing either as a racer or a cop and the cars featured in this game are all the super fast and exotic cars which would cost many, many, many times my annual salary, if on sale at all. So imagine the pleasure of going over 250km/h in these cars and crashing them in spectacular, slow motion fashion. Currently I addicted to this game (having played it till 4am for two consecutive days) but I am going get a hold of myself from tomorrow onwards and play this in a sensible fashion. I must fight my geeky side!!

Anyway check out the following awesome promotional video using real cars. Remember to wipe your saliva after that.

2 thoughts on “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit”

  1. I love racing games but I was never a fan of GT series. They are way too realistic for my liking. I am more for the Burnout or Need for Speed type of racing games.

  2. You must definitely try out this game. The Burnout Paradise developer is behind it hence the slow motion crashes.

    I didn't like Burnout Paradise as they used frictional cars. This however delivers it with makes of exotic cars available in our real world.

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