Not So Great Grapes

What’s in my fridge today? No it’s not endless wall of Heineken beer. Its the Kyoho grapes I badly missed. I been to Japan for holiday twice and I am dying to go again. I love the food, the babes and the Kyoho grapes.

If you been to Japan, you would have find their grape-flavoured gums and chewy sweets taste so different. It is high chance the sweets or gums are made from Kyoho grapes.

These big purple grapes has a very unique texture to it. The center of the grapes taste almost jelly-like and its so sweet that I feel like I could get drunk from eating too much of it. Yesterday I found them being sold at a “reasonable” price in a fresh fruit shop in Chevron House. On closer look, its actually Kyoho grapes from Taiwan, hence the price of SGD9.90 for that pack.

In fact, they do see the Kyoho grapes imported from Japan. The “lower” grade ones are SGD19.90 a bunch and the “premium” boxed grade is SGD75.00 per box. Feeling cheapo yesterday, i decided to buy the Taiwan Kyoho grapes to try. The verdict? Its close, but no cigar.

The center jelly-like portion is not jelly-like enough and the skin is pretty bitter (compared to those I had in Japan). Next time, gonna buy the Japan imported grapes to try and will post my verdict again.

6 thoughts on “Not So Great Grapes”

  1. In Singapore, it is almost impossible to get value for $$ stuff… Even nice hawker food can cost u restaurant prices… 😛

  2. Sorry, but, if you get the Kyoho grape (巨峰葡萄) directly from Taiwan instead of it being imported, it tastes the same if not better.

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