Penang 2010: Day 1 – Let the Eating Begin…

We have not been travelling since our last babymoon trip to Osaka/Tokyo. So you can imagine my excitement when we were on the taxi to the airport for our Penang trip. Even the “budget” service level from our Budget Terminal did not dampen my mood, though I’m gonna avoid airlines using the Budget Terminal in future.
Anyway, less words more pictures. Let the eating begin…
First stop is Kek Seng Coffeeshop (格成) for their Ice Kacang. We found Penang’s ice kacang a little different as they usually come with ice cream on top. Kek Seng has home made durian ice cream and their ice kacang also comes with jelly. I opted for non durian ice cream as Lilian dun take durian. The ice kacang is not overly sweet and its refreshing for a hot day.
Lilian also ordered the Kueh Pie Tee from one of the stalls in the coffeeshop and they are just so delightfully yummy. I took each of them in one mouthful and the flavours just explodes in my mouth. Its so addictive.
The address to Kek Seng Coffeeshop is 382 – 384 Penang Road, 10000 Penang (near Komtar).
We headed to Prangin Mall next for some shopping and chance upon the Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol. I have marked out this cendol place elsewhere in the map but little did I know they have a number of branches. I later realise the original pushcart stall is like 200m away.
Just one spoonful and I realise why people rave about this dessert in Penang. The coconut milk and the Gula Melaka is so fragrant. And the green bean jelly and red beans are soft and they go down so smoothly with the coconut milk. And there are just so much of the ingredients that when we were half way thru the bowl, there are still so much beans and jelly. I’m so in love with this cendol.
Prangin Mall’s address is Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Georgetown. The stall is outside the mall at one of the corners.
As we were gonna be eating alot, we balance out by walking to those eating places. So we didn’t take any taxi at all except airport transfers. I had plan dinner at a Hainanese restaurant but Lilian wants to try Penang’s famed street food. “Afterall, that’s what we are here for right?”. So dinner venue was changes to New Lane, which is just outside of Sunway hotel (33, New Lane (Off Macalister Road), Georgetown, 10400 Penang).
The street was lined with pushcarts selling wide variety of street food. We tried quite a number in small portions and below are those worth mentioning.

The chicken wings roasted over charcoal are just so juicy and tender, one is never enough.
Penang’s Chee Cheong Fun is served with hae ko (thick black prawn paste that we usually find in Rojak). I liked the taste though Lilian prefer the usual sweet sauce and chilli. There is also another version with curry but we didn’t order that.
The popiah sold here is so small and cute, yet when you put it in your mouth, each mouthful is moist and juicy. The auntie preparing the popiah would pour some of the bangkuang juice/sauce onto the popiah after cutting it.
The second last dish is Lilian’s favourite; duck meat kway teow soup. It was the second dish I ordered but we waited forever for it as uncle’s business was just too good. Lilian find the dish light yet tasty and uncle is generous with the ingredients.

Finally, my favourite dish; fried intestine porridge. I had an earlier post on fried intestine porridge in Chinatown Singapore but there are differences between the two. The one in Penang is fried till the intestines are very crispy. And they also have non-fried big intestine and char siew so you get many texture with every spoonful; from the very crispy fried intestines to the non-fried QQ big intestines.

The stall owners here all have super memories. You just order and point to a general direction where you are seated and the food never fails to find the right person. Amazing.

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