Penang 2010: Day 2 – Food Worth Walking For…

Day 2 begins with more walking, this time for Dim Sum at Restoran Aik Hoe. This Dim Sum place is amid the morning markets in Lebuh Carnavon.

This place is even more traditional that those pushcart Dim Sum places as they use people to carry the Dim Sums along as ask if you want them.

All in all the Dim Sum is pretty tasty. I especially like the Kong Ba Bao. The Kong Ba is so soft and fragrant. And the Fried Carrot Cake is a delight. The item below is unique and according to the locals, it not available everyday. The outer layer taste like Ba Gua (BBQ Pork Slice) and it wraps a small cube of pork meat and pork fats.
This place is packed with locals on the Sunday morning we were there and the regular locals have their own little tea pots, presumably with premium tea leaves. Overall a great Dim Sum experience.
The address is at No.6 & 8 Lebuh Carnavon, Georgetown, 10100 Penang.
We went for some sightseeing around Georgetown and spent most of our time at Pinang Peranakan Masion. The uncle at the souvenir store said Penang Lor Bak is a must try and since I have it on my list, off we went.
Penang Lor Bak is similar to Singapore Wu Xiang. As we were there at a busy Sunday lunch, the auntie taking order suggest we take the “mixed plate”.
It consist of yummy wu xiang (minced pork wrapped with beancurd skin), fried squid, fried beancurd and prawn fritters (not sure if I missed something out or not). It also has the starchy sauce and chilli sauce. The Lor Bak is superb. Very crispy and not overly oily and you definitely can’t stop till its all gone. Then you begin to contemplate if you should order another plate.
Here is the lady boss preparing yet another mixed plate while the boss in white in the background frying somemore yummy Lor Bak.

While waiting for the popular Lor Bak to be served, we ease our hunger with the 3-in-1 porridge from another stall in the coffeeshop. The 3-in-1 consist of century egg, salted egg and shredded chicken. Taste good and its very popular with the locals as well.

Kafe Kheng Pin is situated at 80 Penang Road, Georgetown, 10000 Penang.

If you are looking Tau Sar Piah, the two popular brands in Penang are Ghee Hiang and Him Heang. According to the uncle from the souvenir shop, Ghee Hiang is a 老字号 in Penang and recently celebrated its 150 years. Him Heang was started by one of the former worker in Ghee Hiang and he made it even better, or so we were told.
Anyway only manage to locate Ghee Hiang. Its so popular with the locals and tourists (saw a number of Singapore registered cars) that one outlet we went to only had the big beh teh saw and no tau sar piah and the other outlet we went at Macalister Road only had the mini tau sar piah and no beh teh saw.
The funny thing was we went back again on Monday morning (thinking its baked freshly in the morning and should have all stocked up), there were still only small tau sar piah. So does it taste good? For someone who is not a fan, it does taste good. I bought a box to office and its finished within 3 days. It’s not overly sweet (like some I had before) and its very fragrant.
We headed to another food street for dinner, Kimberley Street. Here lies a legendary Duck Meat Kway Chap.Did it live up to its name? Hell yeah! The amount of ingredients in the bowl of kway chap is unbelievable. There are duck meat, pig intestine, duck blood, stew pork, kway, etc. Above you can see the amount of stuff just with one scoop. Even as I ate to half bowl, each scoop so yield so much stuff.
The taste is just right, not too salty, not too bland. It has a slight herbal taste and the different ingredients compliments each other well. A must eat if you are in Penang.

Lilian had been eyeing the Balacan Fried Chicken stall at the other side of the road and I’m glad she did. This stall served crispy chicken wings, drumsticks, chicken cubes, tofu and wu xiang. Fried to perfection, it crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. The belacan is nicely marinated into the chicken.

Here’s Lilian deciding what to eat. We bought takeaway and took a short walk to E&O Hotel, Penang’s equivalent of Raffles Hotel, just to see how is it like.

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