Photography Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day of photography class. I have signed up for the Basic Photography course from Objectifs. My class is taught by Terence Teo, a documentary photographer whose specialise in disaster events (like the Dec 04 Tsunami). The main objective of taking up the course was so that I can learn how to better photos, especially of my baby Xavier.

I have also been reading up on the local photo-enthusiast forum, Clubsnap. And one of the senior guys decided to “do a crazy thing” and “to give back to the community” by organising a series of workshop and talk on Canon system at absolutely no charges. I salute this man (he had to prepare his own presetation materials and source for free venue on his own). Anyway yesterday was the first talk in the morning.

So we had to wake Xavier up earlier than the Saturday usual, drive Lilian to Dr. Kek (for the 3 months check up) and then I rush to the class at 10am (without breakfast, only had a quick ice-milo before the class). After it ends at 12, goto meet Lilian and Xavier for lunch (at Lucky Chicken Rice at Lucky Plaza, one of our favourite hunt for Chicken Rice. Its located at level 2 of Lucky Plaza. Will post and do a write up on it next time), then rush to my Objectifs class at Liang Seah Street.

Man what a tiring Saturday. And its gonna be like that for the next 4 weeks. Will, hope i pick up good stuff on photography to make it worth while. This photography bug sounds similar to the Salsa bug I had in 2003/04. Was going for like 2-3 classes a week and dancing 5-6 days a week. Now that I think back, that was obsession…

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