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So many food blog post and photos I want to do, so little time…

Xavier’s birthday is around the corner. We were initially planning on throwing a party for him (like those 1 year old parties at function rooms we been attending quite alot recently). But due to many reasons (Chinese New Year, want something more cozy, the need to time the party to his mood and sleeping time, etc), we decided to celebrate with the very people who are important to him now, our immediate families.

But we wanted to get him a nice two-tier birthday cake (very popular now) since you are only 1 year old once right? Lilian wanted to check out Pine Garden’s Cake and we ended up ordering the cake from there.

As we flip through the photo catalogue, I keep seeing these acronyms and a price behind. Being someone from the mountains (when it comes to cakes as I’m never really into cakes since young), I thought that’s the price of the cake. It turn out its the “Artistic Charge” for designing the cake and making it pretty and this charge is on top of the cake price. All in all the cake cost just under $100 for 2kg, excluding cake toppers (toys to decorate the cake).

We initially choose a Mickey Mouse design but ended up changing it to Pooh Bear as I could not find the Mickey cake topper in the photo (the other two available were not very nice). Will post photos of the cake after his birthday. If you are looking for balloons and party flavours, I found the following two local sites useful: Kidz Party Store and Babyterror.

Anyway back to Pine Garden’s Cake. Its actually a neighbourhood cake shop in Ang Mo Kio but they are actually quite famous with numerous reviews. Their must have are the Blackforest Cake and the Pandan Cake. We actually bought a few small slices of the following cakes to try. Presenting, unique Orange Zest Chocolate Cake, sexy Blackforest, innocent Lychee Martini.
Verdict from the guy from the mountains? The Blackforest is yummy. The cream is fresh and alcohol is well balanced (not overwhelming). Once you start, you dun wanna stop. The Lychee Martini taste like… Lychee Martini. I didn’t like the first taste of it but the taste grows onto me. The Orange Zest Chocolate Cake (what a mouthful name) taste like those orange chocolate, nothing special.
If I were to go back again (and I will have to to pick up Xavier’s cake), I would get more Blackforest, definitely. Then again, they have so many other flavors that I wanna try too, like Bailey Chocolate Crunch Cake, Raspberry Choc, Pulut Hitam, Hazelnut Crunch, Citrus Drop and many more…
Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
Singapore 560529

4 thoughts on “Pine Garden’s Cake”


    XAVIER IS REALLY A BLESSED KID TO HAVE A DAD LIKE YOU. ARE YOU AND LL gonna have another one after we come back?

    eh? caps lock off now… phew….

  2. i live opposite the cake shop as mentioned. a stone's throw. delicious cakes there!!! my daughter loves the cat mountain durian and the hazelnut choco crunch. too bad the cat mountain durian is nowhere too be seen now.

  3. You are so lucky! I just bought some cakes from them yesterday and it's in my fridge to be enjoyed later.

    Maybe can get the cat mountain durian ice cream from Udder to satisfy your craving instead. Hee.

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