Pre-Renovation Thoughts

I am currently in the pre-renovation stage. I would like to pen down some thoughts on this stage.

1) Do not expect a perfect unit/apartment/house from the developer. While you might be very excited when you get your keys, that can quickly turn into anguish and disappointment if you expect the “perfect” house.
2) Look for and report the major defects as soon as possible. Engage professional help in spotting defects if you need, or if you have a bad back. I had backaches for 3 days after checking defects myself, and I still missed out some major ones till later. And its time consuming looking for defects you are not familiar with.
3) Try to close an eye on the minor defects or defects that will not really matter at all. Examples are patchy paints on the wall, if you are going to put wallpaper then it does not really matter. There are cases where a minor defects was made worse during rectification. 
4) Resist committing or paying deposit for a products or service way in advance, or before you get your keys. Chances are there may be a better deal when you are ready to renovate, or you get access to better variety, or you may prefer to engage another company for the same product/service.
I had such impulse sign ups and am now regretting as I sort of lose confidence in that company I paid a deposit for after coming to know various reviews from friends and neighbours.
Hence I hope you do not get into such impulse purchases as I did. After you get your keys, you will still have time to consider the various offerings.
5) Try to look for and join a social media group for your development. Often there will be bulk purchases offers that certain vendor offers to the group.

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