Project “Get Xavier off our Bed”

Xavier is used to sleeping on our bed before we transfer him to his cot. And almost every day in the wee hours he would wake up and call for us to take him out of his cot to our bed to sleep.

However, Lilian and I gets disturbed sleep as Xavier likes to kick us. And his kicks are becoming the “back-breaking” sort. His usual bedtime routine is milk followed by brushing of his teeth, some water then sleep. Today I manage to make him drink his milk, brush his teeth, drink some water and sleep, all in his cot.

I think partly was because he has been naughty today and got an earful from me twice, so he didn’t complaint when I told him “You are a big boy now, you have to sleep on your own”. Although Lilian still bring him from his cot to our bed in the morning, I think it’s a good start. Let’s hope he starts to sleep in his own cot very soon. After this, next stage would be to move his cot to his own room.

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