Recall: The +ve one (Second and Third Trimenster)

After the 12th week scan, we were referred back to Dr. Kek Lee Phin. Well we first went to Dr. Kek for advice after trying for sometime. She helped us with the counting of days as well as supplements but after trying for sometime still no result. So she refer us to Prof. Ng to see if he could help us further. I guess we were luckier with Prof Ng. as he only gave us supplements initially as an onset for more invasive methods and the +ve one came.

We highly recommend Dr. Kek as we find her calm, composed, confident, very knowledgable and very motherly. Anyway is the 16th week scan. He is about 11.6cm then.

Lilian felt uncomfortable one morning on the 18th and decided to see Dr. Kek just to be sure. As it was without appointment, the nurse were not that friendly. But this is the frustrating part. When you are anxious and worried, remarks like “we are full today, very packed already” and “you didn’t have appointment so you have to wait lor” doesn’t help the situation. Here is him at about 13cm long.

The 20th week scan at 16.3cm. He was playing hide and seek with Dr. Kek, not showing a clear view of whether its a boy or girl but Dr. Kek guess its probably a boy.

And the 24th week scan confirmed he is a boy. In fact he was happy to show it to the whole world.

Here is him at the 24th week scan. He has became too large to measure his body length so we got a closeup of his face.

Here is the 28th week scan. He seems to be looking at us and smiling.

30th week scan. By now its a fortnightly scan to monitor the baby as we get closer to the due date.

33th week scan.

35th week scan. Below shows the head circumference. and the scan after is the face scan.

And he is ready to see the world on the 39th week, 8th Feb 2009.

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