Remembering Michael Jackson…

I’m sure by now the whole world have already known the King of Pop have left us (on Thursday 25 Jun 09) to join the King.

Being the man who revolutionise music video to the way we see it today, inventing dance moves that many try to learn and imitate, and creating songs that soars the billboard charts, its hard to believe he is suddenly gone. Lilian said that although she is not a fan of MJ, she is still sad he is gone. I guess the fact that no prior public news or stories hinting to this ending were available has made his departure even harder to accept.

So what did MJ mean to me? He was my first music idol, that for sure. I still remember my mum bought me my very first cassette tape from a music stall at Midpoint Orchard. It was MJ’s ‘Bad’ album. And my parents bought me to my very first paid concert at National Stadium and it was MJ’s 1993 Dangerous Tour. I have also, like many, tried to learn his Moonwalk dance move but unlike other, it looked more like the zombie walking in his Thriller MV.

Rest in Peace Michael, we love you!

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