Renovation: Places to Shop for Furnitures

Lilian and I haven’t been really step into a furniture shop since our last renovation. Hence we were like mountain tortoises when we went around shopping for items for the new place. We also find that what we use to fancy no longer appeals to us. I guess that is what is terms as ageing.

Below are some shops we liked in case anyone of you are in the same boat as us. I’m not very good at categorizing the shops to various themes so it would be best to click on the link to see if they are what you are looking for.

The okay, affordable shops:
Comfort Design: This place has a huge variety of tables and chairs, so much so that they call themselves “The Table and Chair People”. If you have been visiting designer furniture shops, you may find some similar designs here.
Pomelo: This place carries some very nice furniture. Loft, warmly feel.
Grafunkt: This shop would be a favourite if you like wood furniture. They place alot of thought and effort in their design and manufacturing. 
Commune: This shop features many walnut wood furnitures. I liked their Kardell sofa so much that we almost bought it.
XZQT: Initially not on our list of shops to visit, a “see see look look” walkabout ended with us confirming one of their dining tables. 
Massimmo: We got our sofa from them. What we liked was that we could customise our sofa to something we liked.

Lush: We bought our previous sofa from here. The shop run into some bad reviews online in recent years so approach with your eyes open.

The 太空价 (outer-space price) high-end shops:
Space: This huge place is decked with designer furniture that are usually out of our range. I visit this almost every week when scouting for furniture because its right next to NAFA. Kills some time while waiting for Xavier to end his class. There are some bargains though during their sales period.
Xtra: Similar to Space, this place is decked with designer items priced beyond us. Still, a good place to shop to wow on those Herman Miller items. 
Lifestorey: Also nice to walk walk see see.

Danish Design: Nice designer Scandinavia and European style items. They have a very nice extendable dining table with Corian top that Lilian loved.

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