Reventón is here!

Lamborghini Reventón. Many people would have heard or seen a Lamborghini. It’s a pretty common sight at Raffles Place area (man where do these people get so much money?!?). But not many people heard of Reventón. And who would blame them, given that only 21 were made (and none in Singapore).

What made this car so unique is the design of the whole car, which was inspired by the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. From the paint work to the strong styling to the aircraft cockpit like dashboard and display, this is one unique car that one might not be able to own even if he has money to buy.

Well I dun have the money to buy even the steering wheel so the closest I could get to was an Autoart 1:18 die-cast model. When Jacky emailed that the new stock for it is in, I went down that very day to buy it. Below are some photos I took (more at my Flickr).

I am satisfied with the attention to details by Autoart. Jacky prefer the MR version (which is limited to 500 pieces and are already sold out), but that brand of handmade die-cast is out of my league.

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