Richard Franiec S95 Grip

 The S95 grip I ordered from Richard Franiec’s Camera Accessories just arrived. It looks like a shark’s fin on first look. Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, you will feel the weight and the quality of this product once you have it in your hands.

Essentially what the grip does is it allows you to hold and operate the S95 using a single hand. There are two common methods people use to hold the S95. The Pincer Style using both thumbs to support the base of the camera and gripping the top using the index fingers or adding the middle fingers against the front of the camera body for added support.

The grip allows the right middle finger to warp around the camera body natually and grip the camera in an assuring way. Now one hand operation is possible and the grip makes two hands operation more comfortable and less tiring. People with a DSLR and using this as a second alternative camera will definitely welcome this grip with open arms.

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