Roomba 770 – Automated Cleaning

We finally gave in and bought the iRobot Roomba 770.

We toyed with the idea of getting one for some time already but the high cost was the thing that held us back. Lilian cleans the floor every alternate day in the wee hours of the morning and she was just lamenting the other day about feeling tired and drained with all these chores on hand.

So I revisited the topic on iRobot and she was very keen. And the geeky side of me goes woohoo! So I surfed around and decided to contact They were helpful with the queries and information I needed but I still couldn’t decide on the model to get. So they were kind enough to bring down the models I have shortlisted namely the iRobot Roomba 560, 770 and 780.

You can get more information about the models at their website. We settled for the Roomba 770 because it has all the same technology and features of the top of the line 780 and its cheaper. Its missing some bells and whistles like touchscreen and lighthouse function and has less accessories, but we can live with that.

Here’s the top and bottom of the Roomba 770.

The Roomba 770 cleans in a random manner. It has sensors to help it navigate around the house and has bumpers on the front. As we intend to use it when we are not at home, the randomness would not bother us. And it should eventually cover the house evenly over the week. Noise level wise, its not as loud as a normal vacuum cleaner but its not quiet either. Here a 3 minute video of it at the start of its cleaning circle for my house.

Here’s the dust collected after 5 mins and after 4 days.

We have used it for a week now and so far it has only fail to return to the charging base on its own once. I found it on top of the base of the room standing fan. And it has been able to navigate itself out of the tight spots, weird angles and chair legs. There is some preparation that needs to be done before using it, like removing loose items from the floor but its the same prep work as normal vacuum.

We love it. In fact we were thinking why had we not bought it earlier? And it seems like a prefect time to get it as its Mother’s day. Maybe next up is a dishwasher with bottle washing function for Father’s Day? Ha.

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