RWS Staycation – Day 3

Xavier seems to enjoy the pools alot so we decided to hit the pool after an early 8am breakfast (to avoid the crowd).

After a short rest we changed to our swim gear and headed to the Hard Rock Pool one last time. No pretty girls this time so Xavier got bored after a while.

So we head back to Festive Hotel’s pool since we haven’t been here yet. The waterplay area is of a smaller scale and somehow the wooden floor is pretty slippery. Xavier manage to regain his balance the first time but wasn’t so lucky the second time round. Still he was giggling and having so much fun.

I asked Lilian to take a video of this scene as I wasn’t sure if he wanted to be a fireman or a gardener.

The pool activities really drains Xavier’s energy. He was stone when we return to the hotel room to pack.

We double confirmed that Xavier just need a place with swimming pool and he will be satisfied. Maybe its time we bring him to Seng Kang swimming complex.

See the pool fun on Day 1.
We visited USS for the first time in Day 2.
View more photos at my Flickr.

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