Samurai Sword + Umbrella = ?

When I’m stress, I sometimes do irrational things. Recently work have been stressful as I made some silly careless mistakes due to lack of sleep (thanks to Xavier waking up in the middle of the night). Retail therapy works wonders for me to relief some stress. So I decided to check out the MO (mass order) section of VR-Zone forum.

I ended up ordering a Samurai Sword Umbrella. “A what?” you say. Well I know, its a waste of money. But it sounded damn cool when I was browsing the MO post. Its basically an umbrella with a Samurai Sword handle. Imagine walking around the MRT with it. Suddenly the images of Hiro walking about in the Subway during Heroes Season 1 came to my mind.

It even comes with a carrying case with a strap. So next time if you see me being questioned by a SMRT security staff during a raining day, you know what happen…

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