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It’s not very often that I get to eat home-cooked food and that’s largely due to the fact that both my wife and I are working and eating out or buying back makes more sense and is less troublesome. But absence makes the heart fonder and I sometimes crave for yummy home-cooked food that taste great, not so salty and definitely no MSG.

Maybe that’s why I eat at San’s Cuisine at least once every week, sometimes twice a week. I often call it home-cooked food in the heart of CBD. The friendly couple greets the long queue of customers as early as 11:15am with simple dishes cooked with Auntie’s love, tender and care.

This fish is one of their best sellers. I do not usually order the fish as I’m the lazy kind of eater who loves to eat fast with large mouthful but my wife and her colleagues, together with many of their customers, love this fish. Pan-fried with a slit across the top of the fish filled with chilli.

The other hot seller is the prawn paste fried chicken cubes which is only available every Tuesday and Friday. It so hot that its sometimes gone before the main lunch crowd comes at 12noon. Their version of the prawn paste chicken is not red in colour, looking more brownish (on the left in the photo above). Its fried to perfection, crispy, slightly fluffy and not too salty.

Their other dishes are also good that it’s hard to find things I don’t like about. My colleague and I love the taste of their french beans, their curry chicken give a homely taste, the sliced pork is a must order for me, the braised chicken wing reminds me of my mum’s cooking, and the thick chai poh omelette is the crowd favourite.

If you are in the CBD area and have cravings for home-cooked food, be sure to visit San’s Cuisine.

50 Market Street #02-28 Golden Shoe Carpark
Singapore 048940

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