Have been dying to try Saveur since I saw it on Channel U’s 我爱公开!Share Something. Finally got a chance to try it during lunch on our block leave. And I forget to bring my camera along. Guess its time to test my iPhone photo skills.

They occupy what looks like two shophouse units along Purvis Street. This place is very popular and the media coverage can be seen from the multiple articles displayed at the door. In fact there are quite a number of blog posts about them. The restaurant’s decor is simple and rustic. They do not take reservations so be sure to go early to put your name on the name list.

Their menu is simple with not many dishes but guess that means they can concentrate on what they do best. They do change their menu pretty often. We order the Angel Hair Pasta and Foie Gras as starters.

The Angel Hair Pasta with Sherry Minced Meat and Sakura Ebi ($3.90) is excellent. The flavours are well balanced: not too salty, not too oily, not too dry. It is really yummy and Lilian finish most of it. Well, that’s because she is not into the next two dishes.

Pan Fried Foie Gras with Apple Infused Port Wine and Vanilla ($9.90) first as I do not want to have duplicate flavour of Lentils (as I ordered the Roasted Pork Belly with Lentils). This is refreshing. The sweet apple bits adds a dimension to the buttery savoury Foie Gras.

I added the Foie Gras with Lentils and Pickled Onion ($7.90) after I finish the first Foie Gras. There seem to be a strong desire to taste how different both dishes would turn out and which I would prefer. The Lentils seems to enhance the Foie Gras flavour, rich and full. But I still prefer the apple infused one.

I do prefer my Foie Gras a little more cripsy on the outside yet totally melts when you put it in your mouth. These two falls a little short on that part today.

Next comes the mains. Lilian is having the Confit Of Duck With Orange Segment And Sauté Shittake ($9.90) as her main. The duck is crispy on the outside and yet the meat and tender and moist. We do find it a little on the salty side (though my brother who had this dish for dinner that very day thinks otherwise; he gave it full marks). The mash potato is excellent though. It has little tiny lumpy bits in it that adds texture to the usual boring side dish and its yummy creamy.

I ordered the Crispy Pork Belly With Poached Egg and Lentils ($10.90). The roasted skin is so crispy, Lilian would hear the “ka-cha ka-cha” sound as I cut it, yet the meat is very tender. The Lentils seems to do a great job bring out the Pork Belly’s flavour too. Poached egg, love. I <3 dish.="dish." p="p" this="this">

Lilian opt for Textures Of Citrus ($6.90) as dessert. I thought the orange bits are Blood Orange but Lilian said its Grapfruit. The dessert is sweet and sour at the same time, mixed with orange ice shaving and crispy cornflasks like bits.

I took the Chocolate and Hazelnut ($7.90). It has raspberry bits and rice pop like texture. Yumz.

I saw the table beside us being served with a similar dessert plate but with nothing both foam in the middle. Puzzled, we ask the waitress. Turn out to be the special dessert “Milk and Cookies”. So unique, should have tried it. So look out for special surprises like this.

It give two thumbs up. Although I tasted better, at this price range, this is one of the best you can get. Great French food at affordable price, must come again!

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  1. Yeah took a few shots and choose the best. Then pp with Lightroom to up exposure and colour.

    I'm surprise with the iPhone camera abolity myself.

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