Shan Tou Shi Teochew Fish Head Seafood

Lilian loves streamboat. And ever since Johnson bought us to Fish Head Streamboat at Whampoa Market (one of the best we have eaten, but the >1 hour waiting time is also the “best”), we have been on a lookout for somewhere similar.

煮炒来咯 recommended Shan Tou Shi Teochew Fish Head Seafood in Hougang sometime ago but we have never eaten there despite passing by that coffeeshop a few times. Recently, while passing by yet again, the sight of the oyster omelette was so irresistible that I decided to call for a gathering on Veask Day just to try out the place. Let’s just say I’m not impressed. The food was ok, average, not those that die die must try (like the Whampoa Market Fish Head Streamboat).

The Oyster Omelette was one of the better dishes. The oysters are fresh but the omelette is average, abit dry as if it was overcooked.

We ordered the Pomfret Streamboat and as I’m not a streamboat fan I can’t really comment. But Lilian didn’t think it was good. The soup base seems bland.

We also ordered other stuff like the prawn paste fried chicken, prawn springroll and porkchop. Nothing impressed. Just a normal Zi Char place to me.

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