Sharks, Tango Yankee. Out…

Ever look forward to something and when you actually have it, you have a tinge of sadness? I’m experiencing that now and it’s a strange feeling.

Today marks the stand-down of 650 SIR (Singapore Infantry Regiment) and more importantly my status change to MINDEF Reserve (MR). I would no longer be called back for In-Camp Training (ICT) and Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) but am still liable for NS (till age 40, the current statutory age for non-officers). Almost every Singaporean males look forward to this day, except for some like my platoon commander (PC) who have volunteered to continue his NS tour of duty for another 10 years or so.

On the flip side, we would not be able to go through the ups and lows that we have experienced together as a platoon, for over a decade, unless the unlikely button is really pressed. What we do have are bitter-sweet memories to savour. As age catches on, I hope we could still meet at least once a year to refresh each other of these bittersweet memories.

This is the final march of 650SIR. As our Platoon Sergeant Danny says, “The last march out was sweet but sad.”

If you are wondering what the title is about, it’s coded message which just means “Scouts, thank you. Out.”.

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