Soon Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant

Had a boys night out with Rick and Guoxian recently and I suggested we try out this place I saw on the TV program “煮炒来咯” featuring pig intestine on sizzling hotplate. We decided to order the three dishes featured on the TV program and add a vegetable dish and rice to complete our dinner.

First up was the vegetable, Sambal Kangkong. I find the taste pretty bland. I mean its spicy but without much flavour. I could hardly taste the shrimp paste.

Next up was the reason I suggested this place. Named “SSH Special Sizzling Hotplate Dish”, its sambal pig intestine on hotplate. This dish is very unique as the usual pig intestine dish is the Kway Chap and you would hardly find pig intestine on hotplate. I was half expecting some intestine to have the black char on it but none of it was burned. The hotplate did well to keep the dishes warm throughout the whole dinner. The pig intestine is very Q and doesn’t have any smell to it.

I would highly recommend this dish. Named “Royal Pork Ribs”, its actually pork ribs over creamy butter sauce and curry leave. I love pork ribs to death and this is an exciting twist to the usual sweet and soar/coffee/mongolian style. The pork ribs are tender and the creamy butter sauce pair very well with the ribs. There isn’t much fatty bits to it, which is good. I would come back to this place just for this dish.

The last dish is named “Dragon Ball”, I think after the popular Japanese anime ドラゴンボール (七龙珠). There were exactly seven pices on the plate (yes we counted them). Fried yam balls that are crispy on the outside and oh so smooth and soft on the inside. And there is a piece of scallop in each ball. A must have for yam lovers.

Soon Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant
Blk 94 Henderson Road

Singapore 150094

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