Have been dying to try Saveur since I saw it on Channel U’s 我爱公开!Share Something. Finally got a chance to try it during lunch on our block leave. And I forget to bring my camera along. Guess its time to test my iPhone photo skills. They occupy what looks like two shophouse units along Purvis …

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Cafe Le Chateau

Hidden in the corner of Valley Park lies a place where great food is married with excellent ambience. Having heard so much about it from my colleagues, I gather a few good men and a wonderful lady for dîner. However, taking photos of these wonderful food prove to be the toughest (for me) to date …

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Barcook Bakery

Something has been causing long queues in Raffles Place, something that never fails to embrace me with a warm feeling of happiness every time I eat it. If you still not sure what I’m talking about, let me point you to Barcook Bakery. They have been churning out trays and trays of their best seller, …

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