Taiwan 2015 – Day 1: Ningxia Night Market

We finally bolster enough courage to bring both boys for an overseas holiday. It was partly to bring them for an overseas holiday before Xavier goes primary one next year. We wanted them to experience a farm stay and also expose to Mandarin, so Taiwan was a nature choice. We got my parents to join us too.

Lucas was very excited as it was his first time on an airplane.

We touched down at Taipei late afternoon. I arranged a driver, Mr. Wu, to pick us up at the airport and drive us to Cosmo Hotel. While you are at the airport, do check out the data-only prepaid sim card available at Taoyuan Airport at discounted price for tourist. With Whatsapp having the ability to make calls, the data-only plan makes a lot of sense. You can conveniently google the places to visit, the directions to a certain attraction and keep in touch with each other throughout the trip (especially when you split up to see different places or explore different shops or stalls.

We arrived at the hotel, put down your luggages and went to have our first taste of Taipei night market at Ningxia Night Market. Mr. Wu pointed out where this was on our way to the hotel.

This was the first stall to catch my attention. Marbled beef cubes flames by a upsized blow torch. The end result was so-so only though. The cubes texture range from tender to chewy. I soon found they are everywhere and have different copycats.

My parents went to try fish soup in one of the stalls. I wasn’t too keen so I left the whole family and went to wander about myself. Spotted this stall had super long queue for oyster omelette so I joined in. Yums, well worth the queue. Each mouth you could taste some cripsy bits, some chewy starch, some juicy oyster, and a sauce that brings everything together.

And how to resist having sausage in Taiwan, especially one using wild boar meat?The meat taste firm, juicy and delicious.

This papaya milk shake is super yummy. Right amount of sweetness and all so refreshing. Its a great way to wash down all those greasy food. And I had to take a picture of the handsome young man making these.

We were in the middle of the monsoon season and it started to rain towards the end of our night life raid. We took shelter outside one of the convenient stores in the area. Right beside it was a shop selling shaved ice dessert.The price is so reasonable! Had a bowl and wolf it down without taking pictures. Ops.

We headed back when the rain turned into a drizzle. Travelling with kids require a change of mentality. We can’t cheong the night like couple holidays.

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