Takashimaya Baby Fair starts 27 Aug 09

The Takashimaya Baby Fair starts tomorrow 27 Aug 09 to 13 Sept 09. For those parents to be and parents of young children, this fair is not to be missed. Elsie had said before that this is the best baby fair in Singapore. The discounts are genuine and the variety are aplenty. I trust Elsie on it. If there is one person that I know that does more research than me, it has to be Elsie.

So what are stuff to get? For parents to be, you can look at strollers, car seats, breast pump, stream sterilizer, bottles, wet wipes, etc. Do your research and comparison, especially on the stroller. Handle it, push it around, try opening and closing it.

For parents of young children, you would know what you need by now. They also sell toys and educational stuff like flash cards and DVDs if you are keen.

See you at the fair.

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