Terrible Twos starting early

Xavier is growing up fast right before our eyes. He started walking on his 1st birthday and he seems to be in the “Terrible Twos” phase now at just 18 months.

He has started making his own decisions and expressing it. This includes telling us “No” to food he doesn’t want to eat and wanting to drink water from the open bottle instead of his straw. And he seems to hate the word “Wait”, throwing a fit whenever we ask him to wait while we prepare his food or cool his food by blowing. And just Tuesday morning, he threw tantrums by screaming and kicking when he refused to let the teacher take his temperture, instead wanting to go straight in to play at the indoor playground.

A friend of mine, Arthur, brought up the topic on “Terrible Twos” and gave me two sites which have useful information not only on “Terrible Twos” but also other kids related issues. I find the first site, DrGreene.com, very informative. It has many useful articles on babies and kids. The two articles on “Terrible Twos” which I find interesting are here and here. The other site is Childzilla.com and the article on “Terrible Twos” is here.

I’ve been trying to get a clip of Xavier throwing his tantrums for the post but it seems that he is aware of it when I’m shooting him and tend act all calm and good. Watch the clip below. He was just kicking and punching and screaming just moments earlier. But by the time I manage to get to the camera app on my iPhone, he realise I’m shooting him and act all calm and good.

Here is another video of him making noise for more food. But I haven’t been able to get a clip of him kicking, punching, screaming, crying and rolling on the floor all at the same time. Maybe I should take up my brother’s suggestion to stick a camera on my head so he will play good in front of the “camera”.

Update 03/10/10: Lilian got a clip on her phone of him throwing tantrums. Here is it.

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