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I got friends asking what happen to my food blogging? Have I stopped eating? Hell no. It’s just that I have fewer personal time as Xavier gets more sticky to us. Plus the fact that he is sick (yes, again!).

Anyway I got invited by Julia (see her post on Tetsu at AromaCookery) to accompany her to a food tasting session at Tetsu Japanese Restaurant during my MTA. And how could I reject the chance to taste free food (and drinks), both in the menu and out of the menu, plus the opportunity to hone my skills taking food shots?

Well the experience taught me that life as a food blogger is not as easy as it seems. The food came fast and furious and by the time we finished shooting and started eating, some of the food were not as it should have tasted (if it was eaten immediately). Below are my take on the food.

The Renkon (Lotus Root) chips were thin and crispy, a healthier choice to potato chips?

Fugu Mirin Boshi, or more commonly known as Blowfish or Pufferfish, had Julia and I raise our eyebrows (not to the tune of Cadbury commercial though). However Tetsu PR assure us it’s dried and 100% non-lethal. The taste? Sweet, it’s like a cross between dried cuttlefish and Bak Kwa. Goes best with some beer and some EPL matches.

This dish above is the popular corn tofu. Quite unique to me as I never had corn tofu before. You get bits of corn in it.

The Daikon Goose Liver is one of the innovative dishes. Pairing foie gras with radish, the juicy radish serves to neutralise the sinful goose liver. I do find the goose liver a little overcooked to my liking.

I love bacon. Use it to wrap fat, juicy oysters and grill them and you got yourself a winner.

On to the heavier stuff. Hotplate Wagyu beef, Aji Shioyaki (Grilled Macherel) and Ebi Mentaiko Yaki. I like the grilled prawns. It has that creamy mayonnaise that goes well with the roe and the prawn meat.

Next up is their signature dish, the Katsu Don. The PR highly recommend we try the Katsu Don topped with Japanese curry as its different from the Japanese curry we usually get outside. And true enough, it didn’t have the powdery taste to it. The Katsu was also thick and crispy.

If you are a fan of udon, you definitely have to order this. Specially air-flown from Japan, the Hiyashi Udon has a texture that would leave you saying “QQ” after eating it.

Above are the mixed Tempura set and the Dragon Roll Maki. Presentation has been high on the mark and these were no exception.

I had told the girls about how a Japanese sitting next to my wife during our first flight to Japan had insisted on ordering the Yuzu drink for us on the plane. Its a kind of citrus juice that has a light unique taste. He had said that the drink is only available on flight and is not easily available elsewhere. The PR thoughtfully asked the kitchen if they had any and came back with this Yuzu Komachi Sake. Though not the same, this sake version equally delightful to toast to.

Still on the yuzu theme, this dessert had me wanting more. With yuzu sherbet on top and strawberry ice shaving below, this dessert provided a light, tangy finish to a wonderful lunch.

However, if you prefer the more traditional ice cream, Tetsu’s black sesame ice cream will not disappoint. Just one spoonful is enough to send you to heaven. Don’t believe me, try it yourself.

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  1. Thanks for joining me! It was fun, yeah? 😀 I look forward to seeing more of your food photos, especially with your new macro lens!

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