The Chairman Legacy

If you are a parent of a young child and you haven’t heard of Bumbo chair, you are missing a great invention. This is a chair made for babies. As long as the baby can support his own head, the chair can help the baby sit up. It comes in handy especially when you want to play with your child while he is in a sitting position or when you want him seated while she wean semi-solid food.

But it doesn’t come cheap and in the case of Xavier and now Lucas, they do not get alot of mileage from it as they are big-boned by nature and tend to outgrow the chair fairly fast. The chair quickly becomes too tight for them at their thunder thighs area.

So what we do it we borrow from friends who own one. The other tip is to get second hand as these chairs are fairly durable and lasting and easy to maintain. So the condition of 2nd hand Bumbo are fairly ok. We manage to borrow one from Lilian’s friend Christy for Lucas to sit.

He seems fairly comfortable in it but it wasn’t long before he started to make noise as he prefer one of us to carry him. And to be frank, I’m getting aching lower back from prolong period of carrying Lucas. I posted a similar photo on Facebook and commented that we have a new chairman in the house. But Johnson replied that nobody can replace The Chairman. He nickname Xavier The Chairman as he has the big boss look.

Do you agree with Johnson?

1 thought on “The Chairman Legacy”

  1. Chairman and CEO lah.
    When kids are more mobile, please ensure they are not left alone with Bumbo, friends had told me about kids overturning…

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