The longest I ever waited to see a doctor…

Little Xavier hasn’t been feeling well since the weekend started on Friday. Sun night was the worse as he woke up twice in the night crying like the sky has fallen.

Putting him to sleep with us, I found he seem to have blocked nose. And I pity that little fellow trying to use his mouth to suck for milk and breathe at the same time (try sucking a can of coke with a straw and breathe thru your mouth at the same time). And he seem to have quite a bit of phlegm too judging from his deep humming sound when he breathes.

So after going to work in a zombie state on Monday, we decided to bring him to see his PD (pediatrician) at The Kid’s Clinic. They take walk-in patients on Monday evening from 6.30pm onwards. Having reach there at 7pm, we were told the wait would be four hours. FOUR HOURS! Does that mean 11pm?

Well we didn’t wait there of course. We went back home, do our stuff and head out at 10.15pm when they called us to say “three more patient then it’s Xavier’s turn”. And true enough by the time Xavier is out of the doctor’s room, its 11pm.

I’m not that upset since its quite near our place and we could go back home to do our stuff. And the PD is really good. But it got me thinking what if Xavier was really really sick? I guess KK A&E would be my other option.

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