The Making of Xavier’s 2nd Birthday Party

Xavier’s birthday is coming soon and preparations are ongoing as I’m typing. We decided to keep it to immediate family members this year (just like last year), main reason being its very close to the Chinese New Year period and people might still be doing their visiting.

And being so close to Chinese New Year pose other challenges. Pine Garden’s Cake, with whom we ordered Xavier’s 1st birthday cake, is closed during that period. Catering options, balloon and party providers and are also limited for the same reason. This sent Lilian and myself into a little panic initially. But it also force us to explore and consider other options.

First things first, the theme. Xavier <3 his Cookie Monster soft toys more than the others so I decided to do a Cookie Monster and Sesame Street Theme. I love Sesame Street myself, having grown up watching it and Xavier seems to enjoy watching the Sesame Street now.
* Left image from fanpop.

Second and probably the most important, the cake. Since Pine Garden’s Cake is out, we looked to the other more established cake shops (since they are likely to be open). However, only Polar Puffs & Cakes has the license for Sesame Street and their minimum order was too large for our party. Design wasn’t impressive as well.

So I went to Google for some home-based bakers in Singapore and to my surprise, there were quite a number of them with very pretty cakes. Shortlisted three bakers: Aunty Yochana, Yummyumkins!, All That Matters. Decided to order from Aunty Yochana as she reply my emails and queries fast and was available to make the cake.

Aunty Yochana makes very cute and pretty fondant cake and customised characters. We love feasting our eyes on fondant cakes but find it too sweet for actual consumption. So we requested for a sponge cake with fresh cream and will provide her with the cake toppers. I don’t know if she will still customise some characters but I leave it in her good hands.

* Left image from ourpartyshop and right image from Amazon.

As for cake toppers, I found these two very appropriate (especially the Cookie Monster with a “2”) and decided to use both. Aunty Yochana has the set on the right and I got the Cookie Monster from the eBay store ourpartyshop.
Babyterror was where we got his balloons last year (see how much fun he had walking about with it) so we got abit worried when we saw they are closed beginning of February for relocation of warehouse. Fortunately Lyna was still able to accompany my order despite te relocation. We found them to be very accomodating and their price very resonable.

As for party favours, I went back to order from Kidz Party Store where we got last year’s Pooh Bear cake topper. Was initially thinking of making our own treat bags by printing Cookie Monster images and pasting on coloured paper bags. But laziness got the better of me and I decided to get the Cookie Monster and Elmo treat bags from them instead. What’s gonna be in there? We will keep it a secret for now.
* Above image from Kidz Party Store

Lilian is coordinating the catering and we should finalise it hopefully by this week. Now to keep our fingers crossed and hope everything goes well.

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