The Polliwogs Town – Kid’s Paradise

We recently had a gathering at The Polliwogs with some of the other kids and parents from Learning Vision @ Raffles Place where Xavier goes. I thought it a great opportunity for the parents to get to know each other while the kids play.

The Polliwogs features an indoor playground, an outdoor play area, a troddler play area, a chilling area for parent with a mini bar serving finger food and drinks and a few function rooms. The indoor playground is pretty huge, almost like a mini obstacle course complete with slides, mini balls area, rocky bridges, tunnels, 3 air cannons, a swing and a ball blower, among other things. Parents are welcome in the area and all the Daddies had a great workout chasing the speedy kids.

I had some fun running after Xavier, even ending with a blue black on my left hip from the slide (due to my oversized hip). Warning: Watching this clip may cause nausea as I’m running after him with the camera handheld.

After a few rounds, I decided to stay at the center of the playground while Xavier play on like the Energizier Bunny. He was pretty ambitious going for the spiral swing at level 3 and the way up seems like he is going through the baby version of “Ninja Warrier”.

The outdoor play area consist of a bouncing castle. I didn’t have my camera with me when we went out but it seems more suited for older kids.

While the Daddies were busy inside, the Mummies were socialising at the chill area.

We find this place pretty suitable for Xavier and he definitely enjoyed himself there. The cost is $18 for 2 hours inclusive of a free coffee/tea. His “battery” was totally drained after the session that he knocked out the moment I start my car. We will bring him here again.

Xavier’s shack face

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