The Undeletable Cyberspace

The recent Amy event have re-enforced the reality that delete does not exist in cyberspace.

Once something is posted/uploaded and seen, whether its on forums, twitter, facebook, blogs, etc, it can be reproduced and will stay in cyberspace. It might fade with time and eventually forgotten but making it disappear totally is very near impossible.

Hence it is up to each individual one of us to be responsible for what we share and post. There is a price for sharing and that is once shared, you lost control of it and cannot take back.

Many a times we do not realise the danger of sharing too much. A simple and innocent example is like sharing your kid’s birthday. We as parent post and share photos and blog post to celebrate the joy. But Date Of Birth is one of the questions banks use to “authenticate” their customers who calls in. So years down the road, this information might still be lingering in cyberspace. Did we just do a dis-service to our kid and make his bank access more vulnerable? Food for thoughts.

On the contrary, I just set up a twitter account after so many years. Look for me @roamingglass.

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