The Will Of A Daddy Blogger Is Stronger

I have been lost, scattered to the wind, but I survived. And I’m back again.

So where have I been? If the above sentence sounds familiar to you, you would have probably guessed where I have been spending my nights.

Recently I had a disturbance within me, an anger that stirred inside me that grew suddenly and went out of control. It was toward Lucas. I just could not understand or handle this boy and he sticks to Lilian like elephant brand superglue. That drove me nuts.

I then stopped blogging totally. I confessed to Winston (Dear Xander) of this inner anger, this hatred for Lucas. I told him I do not see the point of blogging about something I hate (yes I used the word something). And so I stopped blogging.

I occupied my time with other new found activities, like buying a bike to cycle and get fit again and going back to what I enjoyed most before I had to give up due to the boys, gaming. Hardcore gaming. Bought a copy of Diablo 3 and burned my nights and sleep fighting monsters and demons. Addictive game.

Then today, I saw a Facebok post from Andy (Sengkangbabies) about a post by The Wacky Duo touching on daddy bloggers and my blog was mentioned. It sort of hit me in the head and made me think what was the main reason I started blogging as a daddy. It wasn’t fame and definitely not money, but mainly to document and preserve the growth journey of my boys.

If I do not blog, we might lose that memory of their journey. Suddenly, there is this renewed purpose to blog again, to preserve the memories in words and photos.

What about my anger and hatred for Lucas? Well it has diminised over that period of blogging absense. Maybe because he becomes more responsive and fun, maybe because my gaming void was filled. Or maybe I just needed a break from blogging.

5 thoughts on “The Will Of A Daddy Blogger Is Stronger”

  1. yo Vincent, even if Lucas is not responding, it only means you have to double your effort. Not to worry, it is always easy to "bribe" little kids wahaha (do not use Diablo!). Hope this is a passing phase for Lucas 🙂

    Join the Daddy gang again haha !

  2. Thanks all fellow Daddy bloggers for your encouragement.

    It's strange cos I told Winston earlier that the best way to handle 2 or more children is to recognise and treat each child as different. The earlier you do that, the better and easier on us parents. But Lucas is way way different and way way more difficult than Xavier. I just couldn't handle it at one point.

    Feels good to let out steam via blogging. 😛

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