This is NOT a Kaka

This is not a Kaka, it’s just a black particle on the floor.

I am referring to Kaka as in insect (in Hokkien) and not the super rich and handsome soccer player from Brazil. Earlier in the after I spotted a black insect about 1cm long. Thinking it would be good to teach Xavier a new term and that he shouldn’t catch it and put in his mouth if he sees one, I brought him near the insect.

Xavier was smart enough to stay a distance from the insect and ask me to catch it. So mission accomplished and I caught the insect using a piece of tissue and dispose it.

However, moments later, he began calling out to us. Thinking he spotted another insect, we came to his “rescue” only to find that he is now pointing out every single dirt and black particles on the floor thinking it’s an insect. And he actually climbed up the sofa to get pull out tissues to pass to us to “catch” those particles.

These are the moments we didn’t know whether to laugh or to pull our hair…

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