Thomas’s Birthday Party @ The Polliwogs

Xavier was invited to his classmate Thomas’s Birthday @ The Polliwogs. He’s been very excited about going to birthdays and going to Polliwogs, so you can say he was doubly excited this time. But probably because we were late (having to vote in the morning), Xavier took a very long time to warm up, to the surprise of even Lilian and myself.

But it’s not his birthday and as long as the birthday boy and all the other kids are having fun, that’s all it matters. There were party coordinators doing activities with the kids and they even got Thomas’s daddy and Gabriel to join in the fun (as super heroes?). There was also a balloon entertainer chunning out very well sculpted balloon characters. I’m impressed by the red pokka dots octopus, yellow bus, Barney, Elmo and Cookie Monster that he made, among others.

Cake cutting time and it was Thomas favourite Cars character Lightning McQueen. And boy was it a big cake and kids were trying to get their hands on it. I know Xavier was as I had to fend him off as he exclaimed excitedly “Car! Car! Car!”.

After the kids got their tummy filled, they were running around with a balloon sculpture each, filling up the room with laughter. What a fun filled day!

Xavier brought his Cooke Monster balloon home to join his collection of other cookie monsters.

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