Time To Shred Some Fats

Its been just over a year since my last run at 2011 Sundown. I completed 21km, barely able to walk across the finishing line due to cramps. But its still a personal achievement to finish it below 3 hours.

One year on and I have lost all my stamina and muscles, in exchange for expanded waistline, barely able to fit into my pants (again), and some not so good readings with my bad cholesterol. Well the combination of uncontrolled feasting on rich, yummy and sinful food and the zero exercise over the year all adds up.

It is time to put a stop. Watching Sasuke Singapore on TV makes me wanna get fit again! RAWR!

Image from Nike Running Singapore

First, set a target, for without it, there is no aim, purpose or motivation. First target is to complete the Nike 10k 2012. Its almost like Deja Vu as it was the Nike 10k 2010 that I caught the running bug. Let’s hope this run gets me started again. Let me know if you are going for this run too. Friends would make it more fun. More details can be found here.

Update 28th Sept 12: Registration for Nike 10k 2012 has closed.

I have also bought myself a Polygon Helios F500 flatbar road bike to join my poly friends on their weekly rides. The first time I ride with them was a 36km ride. I wasn’t really expecting that and boy was it gruesome, wanted to give up halfway. But having ride a few more times it’s getting more and more enjoyable.

Hope you guys find some fun activities to do and keep fit as well.

Update: Yes I complete the run in one piece. Although the timing is not great, completing it is itself an achievement.

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