To Japan: Gambatte!

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan on Friday, 11th of March 2011. This followed by an unfortunate chain of events including tsunamis, afterstocks, snow, bad weather, and a nuclear crisis. Yet, the people of Japan has won nothing but praises (from various reports, facebook and twitter posts) for their willingness to help each other and the calm and orderly manner they have exhibited in times like this.

Japan has always been my favourite holiday destination. Lilian and I been there twice (in ’07 & ’08) and it’s still the first destination that pops up in my mind whenever we have thoughts of going on a holiday. Aside from the wonderful food, we love the sincerity and warmth the people of Japan exhibit and they are always willing to help.

I remember on our first flight to Japan, Lilian was sitting beside a Japanese middle-age man. I got a little worried and defensive when he tried to struck a conversation with Lilian. But upon learning that it’s our first visit to Japan, he was very passionate and eager to introduce the Yuzu juice to us, insisting that we must try it on board the plane. I felt like a childish boy (for being defensive) after that and it changed my perception of people of Japan.

They also take strong pride in their jobs, whatever their jobs are. Their sky-high service level makes you feel like you are king. I recall on our visit to a Salmon farm, I was so amazed by this old man in the toilet. He was the cleaner for the toilet and he was brushing and cleaning the sink with a toothbrush. You can see the pride and joy (of how clean and shiny the sinks were) written all over his face. If only we see 10% of that on our food court cleaners.

And in the face of disaster, the people of Japan was still calm and orderly, whether it’s exiting the building (during earthquakes) or queuing for water ration. There were no looting or stampedes reported. Salute to you people.

If you wish to lend a helping hand to Japan by donation, you can do it through Singapore Red Cross Society or Mercy Relief. And I am sure there are other channels to offer help to them. I have done my part and I hope you will too. And I hope Japan comes out strong from this.

GAMBATTE JAPAN! Glico Man and myself will be behind supporting you!

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