Tok Kong Movers – Sibei (very) Tok-Kong (superb)

We moved recently. We took a week off work to pack before the move and even then, we were still packing and sealing the boxes when the movers came. My advice for those moving soon: Pack early, sort early, throw early.

Thankfully, we had Tok Kong Movers helping us with the move. I asked for quotes from three movers whom were recommended by friends and their quote was the cheapest. By how much? Well the most expensive mover quoted me almost double the price. But to be fair, the most expensive movers did have value-added services (like packing services) and special carton for clothes (so your clothes will not crease that badly compared to packing into normal boxes).

Tok Kong Movers on the other hand are your usual mover. They will come for assessment of the items to move and give you a quote for the move. After you confirm them as your mover, they will provide the boxes, masking tapes and a roll of bubble pack. What I like about them is their flexibility and their service that wow us.

Our move involve packing two-third of our stuff to Extra Space for storage and the balance to my parent’s place.

Extra Space storage filled to the brim.

Usually moves that involves two places are more expensive but the quote David (the sales executive) gave me was tok-kong. And when I needed to add a third location one day before the actual move, he was happy to do it for us for a nominal fee (even when I highlighted that it will involve a long flight of stairs).

On the actual move day, their bigger lorry was not available due to gearbox issue and they had to make do with a smaller lorry. My whole move took longer then it was suppose to be as they needed to make more trips to complete the move. But they remained professional, cheerful and positive throughout. We felt bad that they worked till 8pm to complete our whole move and gave them a bigger angpow.

So if you are looking to move, I highly recommend the sibei tok-kong Tok Kong Movers.

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