Tomato Photo Shoot – Part 1: Maternity Shoot

We signed up for a Maternity & Newborn photo shoot with Tomato Photo as Lilian like to keep some nice memories of her curves (since we both want to stop at 2). The first part of the shoot is more on Lilian and her glorious bump and the second part will be when the boy is born.

We chose Tomato as our previous session with him was very enjoyable. Xavier was totally under his spell and we had some very good shots. This time was no different. Although Xavier is a lot more active and cheeky now, somehow Hart is still able to “control” him even better than we could. That’s a priceless skill and it made our session so relax and enjoyable.

Below are most of the shots from the shoot. Its in contact sheet format so probably you guys need to click on it to enlarge it for better viewing.

Once again, thanks Hart for the wonderful shots. So looking forward to the newborn shoot.

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